Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A DREAM WEDDING LOOK by : Make-up Artist jessie Glova

BEING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ......                                                              HMU; JESSIE GLOVA


Every bride wants to be the most beautiful ... long before her wedding she buys wedding magazines or download some wedding  pictures in the net and collects so much ... every bride has a dream of like wearing  the most beautiful wedding dress  so it has to match with a beautifully done hair and make-up. There are tons of pictures of hair and make -up and yet cant decide which one to go for.

I am sharing you some tips to be able to get a perfect look on your wedding day .

* First and foremost you should be able to know your skin condition ,like the type of Skin you have , your  skin undertone  and you should be able to know if you are allergic to some cosmetic products.

* knowing your your facial structure that would include the shape of your face , and which part of your face that u wanted to focus and put more attention like your eyes maybe.

* in choosing the right foundation for yourself " specially to those who will do their own make -up be sure that you had your skin tested whether you're dry , oily or moderate ... because it does affect with  the oxidation of your foundation .

* Bridal Make-up is one make up application that it seems so easy ... but the greatest challenge is on How to keep it, that would last you like for 10 hours specially for some brides they require a next to nothing , satin , and glowing look .

the secret : is to apply it intensely by using light shades of cool or warm tones that would actually enhance your best features  and the best foundation is essential..., here's one more thing ,,.. never mix warm tones to cool ... if you have started using warm tones you have to pick colors on that same family so as the cool colors ,. so u wouldn't be looking like a clown with a bright pink lips and orange blush ....

*Consider your SKIN ... you have to take care and  put more attention  to your skin ... that's the best make -up you wear ..." is a good skin".


*never visit any hairstylists and experiment with your hair  its pretty risky, there might  things we cant avoid  and maybe u will end up with a bad color but the worst part  of it .....might  end up a wrong  cut .... and we dont want that to happen to u most  specially when its nearly your big day  , so as your skin do not  attempt to have a facial  and a fake tanning ... you don't wanna look like a terracotta  with spots on ur face on a white dress.

*Be sure to get the best make-up artist in town that you are most comfortable with that would work with your specifications and can take  your jitters off  and will help  u calm and relax on your big day .

* have  a trial make-up ... it is very necessary for the Make up  artist to be able to really feel comfortable and vice versa and be able to work and be familiar  with your features and specifications and can  come up with the best approach  that is appropriate for you and  as to on how  intense or light , and whether if you look best with lighter  or  heavier application ,...

* Its alright to Experiment ...  but not on your wedding day .....

* Myself i am a great fan of Airbrush make-up ... because its HD Quality it works well with lights , camera flashes specially on proffessional DSLR cam.It has a velvet feel very light and it works in all weahther condition cos it layers your  skin with just like another skin because its silicon base and as well it primes the make -up , it doesnt oxidizes and last longer than the conventional application.


* lastly ...the most important job of the Bride is just to smile , be happy .... sitting pretty ,worry free and JUST BE BEAUTIFUL .....


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