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Make-up for Graduation

Graduation Make-up Tips 

Prepared by :jessie Glova make-up and style studio

Graduation Makeup Ideas
How to do your makeup for graduation


By day, you'll you be surrounded by family (beware the cheek-pinching aunties who can't believe you're all grown up) and friends you adore. By night, you'll need a look that transitions to full on party mode. And you've got to be camera-ready on a moment's notice, since photo ops abound. Everyone will be clamoring to make memories with their FlipCams and pocket cameras. Just a little heads up, and a few hairstyle and makeup ideas for graduation day. Try on graduation makeup and hairstyles in our virtual styling studio.
"Graduation day is an exciting event, whether you realize it yet or not. Your makeup should match your mood: totally ready to party."

Unlike other milestones like prom or homecoming, graduation day is not (we repeat not) a time to experiment with complicated updos, or even basic ponytails. When you throw your tassle to one side and toss your graduation cap in the air, you want to be sure you don't worry about what is going on with your mane. Opt for a loose hairstyle, worn down. If your hair is straight, achieve soft curl with a wide barrel curling iron and keep both sides pushed to the front of your shoulders for photo ops. If it's curly, embrace it or straighten it with a flat iron and make it gleam with a shine enhancing serum.

Be sure to tote your makeup bag with you (sitting in hot weather for prolonged periods is sure to make you melt) and play up your features with colors you know to be flattering for your skin tone. More adventuress gals can experiment with looks that accent their graduation gown. Plum or mauve eyeshadows are great paired with a purple gown; blues and greens look stellar with gold. Think of a black graduation gown the way you would think of a little black dress. Red lips, red nails and lush noir lashes look fierce. Valedictorians, eat your hearts out!

If you really want to stand out from the crowd (if not for your own pleasure, then so your parents know where you're seated in the crowd at all times), play up your graduation gown not only with makeup but accessories. Some girls opt to wear colorful Mardi Gras beads or wildly colorful shoes to play up their vibrant personal style.

Choose the Best Feature
1. A common mistake made when preparing for the prom or graduation is to overdo makeup. Big smokey eyes with dark lips can take away from your natural beauty. Choose what you think is your best feature and play that up. Downplay the rest of your face with more natural or subtle tones and give all the attention to your favorite part. It will make you look fresh and lovely and keep you from looking overly made up.
2. Color choices are key to keeping beauty looking natural and flawless. Foundation should be as close a match as possible to your natural skin tone. To find a good color of blush, try matching up your foundation to blush colors. Some blushes will stand out as inappropriate for your face, such as a bright pink with an olive complexion. The blush should compliment your skin tone, not contrast with it. Think of it like the tone of your skin when you become flushed, but more subtle. Choosing eye makeup color is easy as long as you know what tones work best with your skin and eye color. Those with green eyes tend to look best with dusty purples and taupe, blue eyes with browns, and brown eyes with blues or plum colors. These rules always apply for a natural look. To change over to evening, just choose slightly darker shades than you would wear for daytime. You should have three shades of complimentary shadows. Choose eyeliners a shade or two darker than your darkest eyeshadow. If the eyes are carrying strong colors for the night, go for a light lip gloss that complements the blush choice. If the lips will be the choice feature for the evening, go bold with a dark red or pink. Remember, don't go bold on more than one feature.
3. Always begin with covering any blemishes with a quality concealer. Put an even coat of foundation over your skin. Some prefer creams, but mineral foundation applied with a brush has gained in popularity since it provides a nice even coat of coverage. Add blush to the apples of the cheeks and just the smallest touch to any places that the sun would hit, such as nose, forehead and chin. When applying eye makeup, begin with the lightest color. Work above the eye crease and place coverage over the area between the crease and the eyebrow. Work the darkest color just into the crease area. Brush a medium shade complementary color over the lid itself. Eyeliner can be applied on just the top lid or both for a dramatic effect. Evening makeup looks usually have a darker, thicker line than daytime. Mascara tops off the look of the eyes. For evening, black or dark brown mascara are great choices. Lips are the finishing touch.
Other Tips
4. Don't have eyebrows waxed or plucked on the day of the event. Grooming can sometimes leave redness or dots on the upper eye, which are very difficult to conceal. Try to groom them about 2 days before the event. Be sure to bring any essentials with you to the prom or party. Carry a small purse and keep your lip color, foundation and mascara in it just in case of a makeup emergency. You never know when you might get teary remembering all of your great high school times, and having backup makeup for when your mascara runs is always a good idea.

Graduation Makeup
Graduation Soft Natural Makeup
Graduation Makeup Tips
Graduation Makeup Ideas
Graduation Dramatic Makeup
How can you do your grad makeup
by yourself?
5 steps to do your graduation
makeup in by yourself:
Here is a very easy way to do your
make-up for your grad. All you
need is a foundation (long wear
formula), a soft bronzer powder,
an eyeshadow, mascara, blush and
a lip gloss or a lipstick.

STEP 1: It is essential for you to
prepare your skin for the makeup.
Clean, exfoliate and moisturize
your skin.
If you have acne, make sure you
are using some water based
moisturizer to hydrate your skin
very well. So your skin will look

STEP 2: Apply your foundation.
It's better if you use a foundation
brush because you will get a better
Follow with a touch of bronze.

STEP 3: Use the eyeshadow all
over your eyelid, like in the picture.
Then apply your mascara.
For this look you need a use a
more dramatic mascara.

STEP 4: Apply your blush as you
smile in circular motion all the way
Just as you can see in the picture.

STEP 5: For someone with green
or blue eyes I would recommend a
lip gloss or a lipstick that has a red
This way you'll help the green or
blue to show up more.
Graduation Makeup example # 2 is all about a
very soft, natural grad make-up look for
someone that doesn't wanna wear lot's of

You have to follow the same 5 steps I was
talking about at grad makeup example #1.

You just need a very soft pink eyeshadow, a
soft pink blush and a soft pink lip gloss. I
recommend this kind of graduation make up
look for everyone.
With the grad makeup example #5 we go back
to a very dramatic grad makeup look. I would
recommend it for all eye colours.

This time there's more accent on the eyes. You
have to use a deep eyeshadow colour and a very
dramatic mascara.

Use a touch of bronze all over your face and a
very soft blush. For the lips, go for a warm
colour if you have blue or green eyes.

If you have brown or black eyes, go for a softer
(nude) lip colour.

Search for more Graduation Makeup here:
Grad make-up #3 is a good example for
someone that has dark eyes. The accent here is
on the lips.

We have a soft green eyeshadow. Very easy and
quick to apply. I would recommend a soft
mascara in this case.

The eyes makeup is soft. Use a little bit more
blush this time. And a touch of bronze. For the
lips use a lipstick in a deep brown

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