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I just got back from work and got a text message that Whitney Houston was rushed to the hospital and possibly will not make it ..... I closed my eyes and paused for a prayer wishing she'll be fine... I have been devastated knowing that Whitney Houston cant belt and  can no longer sing her  own songs .... I have seen her ups and downs  and the latest Vid in youtube that really crashed my heart....... How much more this time knowing that she wont be with us anymore ?
 and just her songs will linger into our hearts reminding  us how beautiful life is.

I have been a fan of Whitney Houston since i was like on my early years humming and learning her rendition of Greatest love of all and when my mom bought a Music mate that comes with   a multiplex cassette tapes  where you  can sing along ....  next thing  i mastered after  GREATEST LOVE OF ALL ..It was that song  "ALL AT ONCE  " and have memorized  nearly all her songs by heart  ... I have been a solid fan  I believe she's  one of my early infuences and shaped me of who i am today ...
Jessoie Glova's  early impersonation of Whitney Houston
jessie Glova As Whitney Houston

The song that  made me realized that i can sing and i was noticed was"  Saving All my love for You ' i used to sing that in house parties/gatherings, during my high school days i started joining pageants .... one sunday in Mandaue Cebu i went for a screening For a local gay pageant ,.. when everyone s waiting for the result as i was wearing a neon orange two piece swimsuit ... with my tanned and  funny  curly wig ,.. somebody stepped in and asked who among you all can  perform ???? so i did Volunteer ...raised my hand and i said yes and good thing  I brought my minus one with me, so i did perform..... I sang "ALL AT ONCE"  it was the late Kuya Doy Aradaza who asked me to perform and i was so happy that i  have given that opportunity and called me  MISS WHITNEY from that time on I  was under his wing .
jessie Glova as 80's blonde whitney Houston
 During the pageant night ... I performed " I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY."

Third Year high School it was the tine that i have been  full pledged performer and a Drag Artist ... I performed I ALWAYS LOVE which i believe its one of the most difficult song to sing it was't even a difficult song for me ... i was already feeling her soul like has influenced me and inspired me and  for years   it has become  my song .

Jessie Glova preparing for the shoot as Whitney Houston
First year College theres a pageant that im helping out it was Janna Ebalzado who directed the show Ms Circulo Espanyol and they went short of performers so they turned to me  and asked me to sing since my friend Ana  Fegi already performed two songs ,with Anna  support and   encouragement they persuaded me sing and oohhhh dear  Im so  glad i did ....such a memorable day for me.

jessie Glova As Whitney Houston ith her Iconic bob fro
 It was that moment that i  can say  that I owned the song I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. that was my first performance in school  and has hugely made an impact to my life during college .

jessie Glova as whitney a..her look for an album cover
Finishing University and along side performing in Bird Cage bar Im proud to say that my repertoire includes Whitney's Classics  that was quite a turning point of my life  and i may just have to skip that part cos it involved something about LOVE....
 traveled and performed in hotels in different Cities around the globe worked in  a Music industry and was tasked /hired to look after bands like from the styling and etc I was their acting Manager and  their band leader from that point i get to sing male songs , i was restricted to sing female songs and have changed me definitely but it was my choice to conform and follow them since they know best 
I continued traveling I landed a hotel job in London UK... after my 2 year contract  i went home .  It was a different feeling , a feeling of emptiness,loneliness and feeling lost .

I went to take another degree . finished Diploma in Proficiency in Professional Education in University of San Jose . that year I was again associated with my old friends the DIVAS and reunited with the Late Mommy Doy now i know its by fate  I came home for soul searching and thank GOD i have found it ..... I went to perform  again as DRAG .

Jessie Glova A perfect Whitney Houston Angle
My first performance was  Whitney Houston's TRY IT ON MY OWN. It was one of my best moments  because  that's the last Miss Gay  Pageant  directed by Mommy Doy and ironically it was the reunion of all the past winners from the 80's til present, its seems that he knew that it is coming .

With my life with the DIVAS as i have chosen a career I have made myself a  certified  make-up artist went to study in Singapore to make my career a legit. Myself , i was full of fire , passion , very driven , wild with creative imagination  and  big dreams , I worked hard and so determined that I can stand by myself  I was inspired to be like my sisters  the DIVAS , I made it , succeeded and truly and had a career  and carved a name in the Industry ,but sadly things changed .... it was not that i expected and never thought will happen  , friendship  shuttered into pieces  I was really devastated was never my intention to outshine anybody nor to compete with ... It was all an honest living.  My Friends turned their back at me , because of false accusations   I felt I was like the baddest person in the world but  I know I was not doing wrong for God is my Witness .... I was devastated ... I wasn't able to have the chance to explain nor to redeem myself, but instead , I chose to be quiet and persevered.

That made me stronger and have grown as responsible individual,  just being myself ,I learned to let go of  the negativity . I was certainly and  literally  I was Living in  Whitney Houston's first come back abum " TRY IT ON MY OWN." I need to survive make a living put  food on my table .
RESPECT , PERSEVERANCE , HARD WORK , HONEST LIVING AND BEING POSITIVE... what i was holding to  ... I slowly gained back my friends and I wish and until now I pray that we can be together again  I miss you sisters !!! as what MOMMY DOY wants us to be  is to continue his Legacy.

He created me , and gave me a life in DRAG I will  not going to stop being one .... Im keeping it because for me i know He is happy for me as I continue what he wants me to be.
Myself As whitney Photo : Coutesy of Blanc -Magazine

last month I received a text message  that i get to portray WHITNEY HOUSTON  as  a tribute . I was really happy ,very very happy so i can showcase what i believe a gift  , a gift to influence others to love what they do. I'm so happy and scared at the same time ... because im scared I couldn't carry her character ....and cant give justice .

6:30 pm i started with my first look , it gave me goose bumps what i was looking at the mirror resembles Whitney Houston and now i believe its easier for me because she is always a part of me and we both draw our emotions in similar fraction with regards to friends , love and work .

I did four different looks ... it was pretty amazing I did my own hair and make-up and as well the styling it was really a different fulfillment me acting and feeling like WHITNEY HOUSTON even for a day is already a DREAM COME TRUE cos there's only one queen of soulful ballads .
myself as Whitney Houston Photo: Courtesy from Blanc _MAgazine

I have lived with her music ... its in my veins , heart and blood , but  Im grateful to GOD for have given me such  beautiful talent i have created myself  to look  quite a like to  my idol Whitney Houston ... this ONE MOMENT IN TIME  i have felt THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL . ... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHITNEY for me you and your songs will live forever in our hearts ... I'M SAVING ALL THE LOVE. .. 


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