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He dreamed of becoming a professional make-up artist since he was 12 years old. Now, Jessie Glova’s name is synonymous with outstanding make-up artistry. He has indeed become one of the most sought-after make-up artists in Cebu. He does make-up for weddings, fashion shoots, corporate pictorials, fashion shows, television and stage performances, and the list just goes on.
Glova is specifically famous for his exceptional airbrush make-up skills. He recommends this type of make-up because it is very light. When the make-up is sprayed on the skin, it creates an even and flawless appearance. With the rise of high-definition video, airbrush make-up is becoming more popular.
Glova has finished an intensive make-up course at the Sophystique Academy of Make-up Artists in Singapore. The Cebuano make-up artist has worked with celebrities such as Angel Aquino, Anna Fegi, Pops Fernandez, Zsa-Zsa Padilla, and Kuh Ledesma. Top Brand Awards has named him the 2011 Most Outstanding Make-up Artist and Stylist. The owner of Jessie Glova Make-up and Style Studio also conducts basic make-up classes. If the students prove that they have the right skills, they may get the chance to be a part of his style team.
Glova considers every make-up project a challenge. According to him, it is not about the technical approach in make-up application but being able to understand and achieve what the clients want.  He emphasizes the importance of understanding a person’s character and enhancing their features rather than making her look like somebody else. Make-up should bring out their personality and not change it. He specifically enjoys doing the make-up of brides because being part of their most important day makes him happy.
The make-up extraordinaire shared that if he was given a chance, he wants to meet British make-up artist Pat Macgrath. He admires her boldness in trying out different looks and the way she thinks outside the box and never conforms to what is too basic and safe. He also looks up to American make-up artist Kevin Aucoin because he has a great ability to transform people using make-up. Although Aucoin has already passed away, Glova said his passion and legacy can still be felt.
Glova also has his own make-up line that he launched in 2009. He decided to come up with his own make-up collection because he does not want to recommend brands especially to his students because according to him, he was not paid to do so. He collaborated with Kimberly Lam of Shopcoholic and they came up with the Jessie Glova Cosmetics collection. His inexpensive make-up sets, which are manufactured in Hongkong, are hypoallergenic and highly pigmented. The cosmetic collection includes long-lasting palettes of shimmer and neutral eyes shadows, blush and lip colors, as well as gentle brush sets. His make-up line is currently in the process of repackaging. According to Glova, it will be released in three months.
image source: Jessie Glova
A Business Administration graduate from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Glova candidly shared how he successfully climbed the ladder of success. He has always loved art; he paints, sings and dances. He specifically has a fetish for color relationships.
When he was still in high school, he used to practice on the faces of his friends’ cousins. He referred to them as his “victims,” but his human canvasses surely loved what they saw in the mirror. The Cebuano make-up artist shared that he would gladly volunteer to do the make-up of his schoolmates for pageants, programs and other events. His first experience in bridal make-up was during the wedding of one of his close friends. He would always be grateful that she trusted him. That experience made him realize that he can truly be a professional make-up artist.
When he was in college, he practiced on his own face. He tried different techniques and he was amazed how he was able to create unique looks. He realized that indeed, make-up can change a person’s appearance. He saved up to be able to buy branded make-up sets. He thought that it will be a great investment for his budding career. He joined a dramatics club, where he was able to do Fegi’s make-up. He then became the official make-up artist of the University of San Jose-Recoletos’ Adelante Dance Troupe. That particular experience enabled him to master his craft and meet Cebu’s top make-up artists. He was more inspired to continue what he was doing.
In 1995, he joined the Sandiego Dance Company. He started out as a make-up artist and eventually became a performer. Glova compares make-up to performing. According to him, when you perform, “you get to project different looks to convey the message of a dance and song.” Make-up is not just for cosmetic purposes. Rather, the application of make-up is a form of artistry, which also allows a person to express his thoughts and feelings.
While still in college, he thought of doing something else so he joined a fashion design competition. Fortunately, he became the Young Designer of Cebu grand prize winner. After graduation, he went to Singapore as a make-up artist, stylist and performer. After a year, his employer asked him to manage his bands in Malaysia. He juggled the role of manager, trainer and make-up artist/stylist. He travelled with the bands, which were comprised of males and females, around Southeast Asia.
Glova eventually got bored with his routine so he went to Australia in the hope of landing a job. His stay there was brief because things didn’t work out. A friend offered him work in the hotel industry in the United Kingdom where he stayed for two years. He met a Filipina who worked in a salon and had connections with big-time fashion moguls. She convinced him to take up a crash course in skin care and make-up. He would have wanted to work in the UK’s fashion industry but his working visa was denied.
The rejection may be heartbreaking but Glova came home to the Philippines equipped with experience and inspiration. Some may get discouraged, but the Cebuano artist was more determined to make it big in his own country and fulfill his long-time dream.
image source: Jessie Glova
Today, his already impressive portfolio just continues to grow. Glova is currently the make-up consultant of Rustan’s Cebu and official make-up artist of Marco Polo Weddings. He has already been invited to fashion shows and movie premieres abroad, and worked with A-list celebrities, magazines and television networks. When he is not occupied in his studio, Jessie also devotes his time to the Corona Sugbuanon Organization, a nonprofit organization that helps aspiring beauty queens.
Despite the success that he has already attained, Glova still has a lot of dreams to realize. He plans to pursue a career in cinematic make-up and someday open a Jessie Glova Center for Aesthetics, which will cater to everything related to beauty and wellness.
Asked what advice he can give aspiring make-up artists, Glova imparts: “Dream big and offer everything to the Lord. Never stop loving what you do and continue learning.” He also added that a person should learn to acknowledge their success, growth and accomplishments, but they should remain humble.
Jessie Glova Make-up and Style Studio and Jessie Glova Style Salon are both located at Pacific Square Bldg., F. Cabahug, Mabolo. For appointments, you may call (032) 236-1808 or (+63)(917) 622-2747. You may also  Like his Facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessie-Glova-Style-Salon/

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