Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jessie Glova ..... An art Of being in character A.K.A

Impersonation is another word that best describes the chameleon JESSIE GLOVA ... ..."it takes me to a different dimension ,  a showcase of my artistry  and it feels like the whole thing is so magical  it feels like im on a stage portraying certain character and get to embrace the entire character of a celebrity or a famous personality." its insane ... and I love it "


An impersonator is someone who imitates or copies the behavior or actions of another.There are many reasons for someone to be an impersonator, some common ones being as follows:
  • Legally: An entertainer impersonates a celebrity, generally for entertainment, and makes fun of their recent scandals or known behavior patterns. . Entertainers who impersonate multiple celebrities as part of their act, can be sorted into impressionists and celebrity impersonators.
  • Illegally: As part of a criminal act such as identity theft. This is usually where the criminal is trying to assume the identity of another, in order to commit fraud, such as accessing confidential information, or to gain property not belonging to them. Also known as social engineering and impostors.
  • Political decoy, used as a form of protection for political and military figures. This involves an impersonator who is employed (or forced) to perform during public appearances, to mislead observers.
  • Causing people to fight, or dislike each other for social, business or political gain.

Celebrity impersonators are entertainers who look similar to celebrities and dress in such a way as to imitate them.
Impersonators are known as look-alikes, impressionist, imitators and tribute artists. The interest may have originated with the need or desire to see a celebrity who has died. One of the most prominent examples of this phenomenon is the case of Elvis Presley.

Jessie Glova AKA Madonna

Jessie Glova as Whitney Houston

Jessie Glova As Adele

Jessie Glova as Jenniffer Lopez

jessie Glova as Mariah Carey

jessie Glova As Whitney Houston

jessie Glova as Audrey Hepburn

jessie Glova as Marilyn Monroe

jessie Glova as Whitney Houston

jessie Glova as Shirley Bassey

jessie Glova as Michael Jackson

jessie Glova as JLo

jessie Glov as ANne Curtis

jessie Glova as Marilyn Monroe

jessie Glova AKA Mariah Carey

I have done a lot of Celebs I appeared in in different sites , TV and prints

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