Sunday, January 13, 2013

When Jessie Glova Tied a Knot ..... a blessed beginnings

hi friends , again Im jessie Glova the make -up artist ... I have these full enthusiasm in sharing this story to you all ... a beautiful story about how i get to be involved and my conn
ection with weddings most specially with bridal Hair and make-up.

year 1992 my family moved to Tipolo Mandaue to be specific we bought a house and lot in F lopez compound in Sitio Basubas , imagine i have to commute to school mandaue to talamban very taskingand really an effort to get up so early. my prefered way is to cut through the very populated and really narrow path to get to tbe high way tricycle stand rather getting the long way which u have to go one round and would take you another 15 mins.  my routined has really exposed myself to the settlers there and  made friends to skme by standers , both girls a d boys even older ones.
One summer , I was invited to

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