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 As everyone perceived me as the flambouyant , eclectic, artistic , passionate , transparent and has lived  like a Chameleon who Celebrates life with fashion  arts and  music.

Jessie Recola Glova a son of Mary Colon Glova and John Mapa Glova and a 3rd child and the only boy among 3 girls .
I am  happy Child , and  I have lived a very memorable childhood and so true has  molded me  to work  learn to value hardwork so much  and it  really manifests in all my  achievements.

There are so many important  people that i  am  grateful for , until this time ..I know  who are these people who made me as JESSIE GLOVA .

First and foremost my  parents most specially my Mother ...she has showed and trained me to work and taught me the value of time, money , independence  , education and being social responsible  . I am a working child which as I  recall I never enjoyed and as  how much I would love to play with friends I am always caught with work and studies.

So I spend most of my time in school which I am pretty much on my own ... My parents has given me  full freedom when im in school ... they have supported me knowing that Im Gay at the  age 7 i guess everyone knew that im different but I am happy it never become an issue in fact my parents have  strongly  supported me I have showed interests in Music , fashion and arts.

My parents are both inclined in  Music ... there are a lot of singing and dancing ..every occasion I always get to be asked to perform and sing along and dance for  them, I remember my Papa asked me to dance on top of our Jukebox .  and that was pretty memorable.

I discovered that I can draw and paint at the age of 6 and my first drawing was a fish and it was already in 2D, until I get to be interested in beauty pageants , beauty pages in magzines and beauty programes on tv. it was my turning point to ave known  that I am different .

Learned to draw and design paper dolls and played with my mom's cream as make-up .,, I evolve as an artuist somehow because I was given freedom and support .

During my elementary days  i think because I am different I always get to be in pilot section . I have been very active in extra curricular activities ... a choral member, a dance club member  , arts club and been featured in our school mag as designer/ artist .

My interests are  faces , portraits , a figure of a woman and facial features ... as i can remember my friend  Angela Calina asked me to draw her some  images of madonna and etc,.

High School was kinda different ... as I am a full blown/grown gayboy ... My mom is pretty much concern about me  moving to a wrong direction so she enrolled me to a Sectarian school . a catholic school ran by nuns and priests. 

 There I learned everything about Christianism ... The Bible.... the sacrament and the covenant and etc. but it never stopped me  from really excelling in my field as i have gay teachers who has been very supportive and has really influenced me and really has taught me the value of education most specially reading .

San Isidro Parish School  in Talamban I think during my time the educational approach was pretty much effectve ... from the visual aids to computer literacy it was greatly implememented.

My English Teachers Randolf del Mar. Eduard Omana , my History/ PE teacher Mr. Arlie Fernandez , My Values education , My Journalism teacher Ms. Virtucio  whom Im truly inspired as well and And Christian living teachers sister Fely and Siter Martha of the Daughters of Saint Therese.

With their educational approach i learned a lot.... I did choreography, experienced  to sing and compete  ,  joined painting / poster making contests . decalamtaion . oration ,  theater and plays ..even pageant and  i have managed to showcase my talents and continued to be  more inspired bec. of the recognition they showed and gave.

Graduated high school with fond memories specially that was the time i experience my first DRAG performance which I did Whitney Houstons I will Always love you ...

When I graduated I am torn between Mass Comm. ,major in  journalism  , or Fine Arts  ( fashion designing )
Education ( Physical Education or English as major)

Its because that time was the turning point of my family and parents broke up and we are all devastated and really torn ... So I dropped off my ambition to study in private school  so I decided to take some entrance exams Philippine Normal University ... and University f the Philippines and sadly I wasnt able to get ... so we decided since my older sister graduated in San Jose Recoletos took the exam and passed through as Education student ...

My life was  totally changed ... I have been the center of attention ... I know I am different .. I enjoyed it so much and forgot the academics  i am more involve in theater ... joined TEC  Glee club and USJ-R dramatics Guild by Mrs,. Milagros Espina ... I became friends with some famous artsists now like Ana Fegi and Luke Mejares ... but  I wasnt given an opportunity , joined The group as make -up artist.., but mind ya I blew away the Performing Arts Center as I have rendered a song Ill always love you and that really felt so good and I thannk Ana for the  opportunity and trust that I can sing.

With so many projects and assignments and plates to finish in TEC that became a burden of my wild life as adolescent . , so I decided to quit education and took  Business administration where I get more time and freedom ... 2nd Semester i auditioned to ADELANTE dance troupe spareheaded  by Mr. Edgar Alejado and I was given the chance but not to dance but as a make-up artist.

 Eventually my interest has grown and loving the art of dancing ... I was focused and became the dance master ... I auditioned to the famous Sandiego dance company and Im so happy they took me to help them out with the make-up and one summer  Madame Luz Sandiego  noticed my potential and trained me with basic ballet.. I became an official sandiego dancer and VAL and BOGING SANDIEGO who has been my second parents ...  I have learned a lot  from them ... to value family and friends , education ,  love for the art of dance and value religion .They have greatly have given me opportunities t showcase my talents .

That same stage  i was got noticed by My mommy ... Mommy Doy Aradaza by being a performer
( DRAG ) . and have performed in major pageants and functions .and been close to the designers and make-up artists .. thank you so much Mommy Tizon , Malayka , Ramil Solis . Reino Deiparino . Tanya and Ike Mara. that point It paved way the art of Make-up artistry ,

1995 i joined Junior Designer of Cebu Competition in Gaisano South where Mommy Allan Platring and The LAte Dudes Abella as my mentors and managed to win and get the chance to work as part time designer.

As  I juggled for I am working student .. I always find time to study ... imagine i get to work at night as a singer in a club ... an band vocalist on special functions ..perform with the Sandiego Dance Company for extra income and worked full time as dance master of ADELANTE DANCE TROUPE I graduated college so proudly  ... 

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