Thursday, August 14, 2014




EACH of us needs to feel beautiful.

But we can only really truly and permanently feel beautiful when we tune into the inner beauty we all share.

This is the beauty of our loving heart.

And we have this beautiful feeling when we express love.

When we are not expressing love we are cutting ourselves off from our loving essence.

So in those moments when we do not feel beautiful it might be time to go into our heart and see how we can be loving.

And it starts with ourselves.

So we do not need another person to express the love contained within our own heart.

The first and primary relationship we have is the one with ourselves... and we can make a start by giving ourselves a loving hug, some kind words or some acknowledgment of just how wonderful we are.

And when we having that loving feeling in relation to ourselves we will find ourselves being drawn to all manner of people... and they drawn to us... so that we can be expressive of our love.

It is when our inner beauty is radiating outwards in our experience, in our relationships and in our encounters, that we feel truly and wondrously beautiful.

Unconnected, isolated, apart from others, feeling alone and aloof, we will harbour those false feelings of not being beautiful.

But once we affirm our own loving nature... our own God nature... our own inner beauty and decide to express it into the world in terms of a loving relationship with both ourselves and others then we can feel in our heart that we are truly beautiful.

Because we are.

God is not capable of creating anything that is not beautiful in its essence even if its physical expression falls short of what we like to call beautiful.

There are so many people who are physically very attractive and might be considered by others as very beautiful who feel anything but beautiful.

So unbeautiful these cover women and men feel that they are frantically saving for the next bit of cosmetic surgery or dreading the advent of their next year older.

So unbeautiful do the icons feel that they escape their day to day life with the insanity of drugs or other addictions.

But they would not need the cosmetic surgery or the drugs if they could just get in touch with their inner beauty... their loving heart... their soul.

And as their life took on meaning through this meaningful inner connection, feeling their inner beauty and expressing it into the world as outer beauty they would never again go under the surgeon's knife or snort the next line of cocaine.

Those who are aware of their inner beauty and express it into the world are the truly beautiful people in the world and people fall in love with them inspite of their appearance however that might be perceived.

We should all wish people to fall in love with our loving heart, our inner beauty and not by our outward appearance or any part of us that we might believe needs to be enlarged or changed.

And it is only when we allow this part of us to be the focus of the love of others that our life becomes meaningful and we feel truly loved.

If we get people to love us for our body we feel that when our body changes they will no longer love us.

But our inner beauty is never lost.. it only grows and grows into even more of the same....inner beauty never gets less.

It just gets more.... and more....

It gets more because of our awareness of it increases.

This is the part of us we need so much to get in touch with, connect with and worship.... and EXPRESS.

So want to feel beautiful today?

Then express who you truly are.. express love!!!

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