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Be Grateful ......

Pls Read Me:Be Grateful

by Jessie Glova Full (Notes) on Friday, 8 May 2009 at 17:17
I seize the moment because it is a precious one... valuing things that matter such as friendship, love and peace and realise that when my focus is on my ego it does little to serve me.

LIFE is what can happen to you when in you are making other plans.
In London, attending Michael Neil's coaching course, I happened to be travelling in a taxi.
In a second a car had hit a motorcyclist who was sprawled out on the road, his motorcycle a wreck beneath the wheels of the four by four vehicle.
He had an escape from death but was nursing facial wounds and bruising.
I remarked to the driver of my cab how in a second someone's life can be changed forever.
The driver remarked on how well he knew this whereby he pointed to a poster inside the vehicle.
It revealed how he was doing a sponsored cycle ride because his 15 year old son had been killed instantly when he fell eight feet from the tree.
I told him how sorry I was.
This tragedy makes my own burns incident several months ago when my life dramatically changed from one moment to the next so trivial.
But it made me realise the truth of John Lennon's quote that life happens to you when you make other plans.
The incidents that came into my life as I was a witness in that cab made me reflect on just what is important in life and what is not.
It was far more important for me to be compassionate to this poor father than to focus on the stress of navigating the traffic in our capital city.
So just where is our attention?
Is it on compassion and love or is it on appeasing the wounds of our ego.
How much time we spend harbouring grudges, mistrusting people and being angry with people when that attention would better be served on focussing on what really matters.
That means keeping loving thoughts and sending love to all those in our life, particularly those who challenge us.
When you are a member of the human race things will happen... but I guess we all need to remember this life time is the journey of the soul and right now our infinite soul is basking in the sunshine of heaven even if our physical self is in incredible pain.
But through our lives everyone is in the same boat.
The Buddha told a story of a man grieving because someone close to him had died.
The man was told to bring a mustard seed from the house of someone who had not suffered the pain of losing someone through death.
Yes, we all suffer this.
And we need to remember to be grateful for each moment.
The important thing is to make each moment a loving one and one that serves us so that when the truly trying moments come as they surely might th good ones far outweigh the bad ones.
We have control over this moment right now
Let's make it a good one if we have anything to do with it.

So dear and special friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you...

I love you

Messenger of love