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BEAUTIFUL........ARE YOU .? by Jessie Glova

Beautiful ...Are YOU?

by Jessie Glova Full (Notes) on Friday, 29 January 2010 at 21:47
SO many people are on a quest to make themselves more beautiful.

It is an obsession.

Money in the millions is spent on all manner of beauty treatments and revamps.

And the message being put out by so many is: I am not good enough.

Energy is spent fretting on how to look better... how to be more attractive... how to get that bit closer to being a cover girl or boy.

But those whose mission it is to beautify either themselves or others should heed the words of the prophet Kahlil Gibran

He said: Beauty is not in the face, beauty is in the light of the heart.

Yes, the most beautiful people in the world are those who have light shining from their heart.

What makes the most attractive person in the room?

It is the person who radiates warmth, great personality and lights up the gathering.

People are universally very attractive when they smile.

People are universally very appealing when they open their hearts.

People are universally very beautiful when they display and express the love contained in their hearts.

We are always attracted to very loving people.

Whatever they look like.

And when we are not attracted to those who do not radiate love, those who are wrapped up in their own little world and those who look away from our loving gaze.

Each of us has the ability to live an attractive, glamorous and most beautiful life.

And we do not achieve this through hours of preening ourselves in the mirror or doubting how good we look while we seek the latest beauty treatments or enhancements.

Yes, we do achieve it when we look in the mirror

But only when we gaze into our own naturally beautiful eyes and say those magic three words: I love you.

As we do unto ourselves, we then project onto others.

And what we feel about ourselves, of course, is then mirrored back to us in the reactions and reciprocated energy of others.

When we were created we were did not have a written instruction book on how to apply make up.

It was not the creator's intention to make us in such a form that we would require a face lift or some other enhancement.

We were made in perfection... and it was for us to see our own perfection in our form.

Holding our own perfection as a state of being was the permanent solution.. our permanent relationship with ourselves... because all beauty treatments are short lived and temporary.

None of us requires the surgeon's knife to make us more attractive and appealing.

We just need to turn our own light switch up.

And as we do this that many more people will be attracted to ourselves like moths around a flame.

The most attractive and loved people on this planet are those who have turned their light switch to the maximum.

The least attractive are those who keep their light low, dim the light that shines on themselves... hide in the shadows of others.

There never was someone who lived and never will be someone who lives in the future who will look, talk and act like you.

You are unique.

Uniquely beautiful. What else could you be?

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