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Jessie Glova on Freeing Milly ......


by Jessie Glova Full (Notes) on Saturday, 30 May 2009 at 22:03
Year 2003 the time i was in London .... i visited a friend that was during spring ... MrS. REYNOLDS ...
who happens to have a bird named MILLY ...
Milly was the love of her life apart from her flowers in her beautiful Patio and Garden ... It was a beautiful day so sunny ... myself and a friend Glen was having tea that time Mrs. Reynolds freed Milly from her cage and the bird went flying everywhere in the house and landed on my knee while i was browsing my olympus digicam so i grabbed the opportunity to take a photo .

Milly seemed so happy and chirped so loudly as if it was a whistle and really a bit deafening ... but i guess Mrs Reynolds is used to her chirping. IN MY MIND:
:WHAT if the bird could just only tell us smething how sad , how choked and how happy they are.

.I WISH we could tell when they are in deep sorrow

MAYBE milly wants to have her freedom to fly everywhere and explore herself outside to her real habitat and be able to grow and live freely like us.

but i know and i can feel that Milly was shouting for freedom :

Last week I receive an email from Glen that MiLLY fled and didnt come back .....
Mrs Reynolds was so depressed and the only memory of MILLY was my painting of MILLY hanging on her kitchen wall ...felt sad cos she is like a family to her ... animals are so unconditional ... she as well respond to whatever and acknowledge her master ...very intelligent bird ....
but like all of us... we all want to be free ...

On this day I choose freedom... I can only grow if I am free. I now free myself from all the poor conditioning, all the false beliefs so that I can be free to be me. Not somebody else but me!

JUST how free are you?
Without freedom we just cannot grow
So it is a good idea to think about how much freedom we have in our day to day lives.
And, indeed, how to get more.
Do we wish our lives to be paramount to being behind bars... restricted...hemmed in...afraid to speak our truth...afraid to be ourselves.
Yes, what this might boil down to is: how free are you and me to be ourselves.
Not to be somebody else...there are plenty of people who would just love you to be somebody else. Like them, may be or like someone they have put on a pedestal. Wouldn't they just like to clone you?

i have felt the same thing as well as i have worked outside the country with a wrong chosen career and been hooked for several years because of financial reasons ... wished to get out from it so badly... so so much ...
I am like living myself in a shallow grave and been trying to put on a face all the time , cos my work demanded me to act as like somebody else i was asked to act as a real guy and portray a character to attract clients ... i worked in a music industry ... which i also do gigs as front liner vocalist and they want me to sing all male songs which i trully hated singing..but still have to do it .
i love beeing on stage i love performing but it was never myself up there i need to be myself be able to love what i do......And if we are to truly love and accept ourselves we need to be ourselves.

We can never love and accept ourselves if we are trying to be like somebody else... if we are mimicing someone else... or if we are joining the crowd.
How miserable it is to be part of the crowd, to conform to what others want of us....
We can never find happiness in going along with others, doing what we feel is expected of us, denying our own feelings, singing from someone else's songsheet.
We can only ever find happiness, inner peace and success when we sing from our own songsheet. In other words, when we feel free to be ourselves.
Then it matters little what others might think of us.
Because you and me are the best you and the best me that we can be.
And when we are in that state of mind we are really, really free.
Yes, really, really free.
The biggest enemy to our own freedom is our belief system.
Time to get rid of the beliefs that we have taken on just because someone told us to believe in them.
May be, it was somebody whom we loved or admired and so we believed that their effort to control us was just so right.

I have been criticized and doubted by people who doesnt even know me much ...i am just another person who wants to have his rights exercised :THE RIGHT FOR FREEDOM !!!
To choose the career that i really want ... but they seemed cant accept that cos for them I am still the JESSIE GLOVA THE PERFORMER.... i felt very trapped and very difficult to maneuver how to get out from that persona ,... and live anew person with a new chosen career. For some still associates me as just a performer NOTeven a make-up artist.

With Gods Help and Blessing I have manged to carved in my name in the Industry with GUTS ,PERSEVERANCE , HARDWORK and TRUST driven by AMBITION .
But who said so and why on earth should we believe these people with negative intentions?
Why should we believe those wounded people along the way who wanted us to think just like them just so they could feel important and right or wanted us to think and feel just like somebody they put on a pedestal because they themselves felt so unworth?
So it is time to pluck out all those unwanted and unserving beliefs and false values.. simply because they do not belong to us but to others.
When we were a little child we had no politics... we had no religion... we had no culture.. we had no viewpoints on this or that....just like MILLY
And how we accepted ourselves perfectly for who we were.
Then that all changed when others, full of fear, tried and may have succeeded in indoctrinating us with all the garbage, tripe and rot that they felt was true of the world...and of ourselves.
No wonder from this state of total acceptance of ourselves we now started to feel ashamed, somehow lacking, somehow wanting.
And it is in this state of shame and wanting that so many of us find ourselves in... is it any wonder that when we look at ourselves in the mirror we might be mistaken for thinking we have seen some unlovable soap character staring back at us instead of the beautiful and divine person we truly are.
Is it not high time to get off the guilt trip that so many of our so called teachers and role models wanted us to take...
God doesn't make sinners! God doesn't create any person less than perfection.

I amjust only Jessie Glova just another being who earns a living for survival decently and always make mistake ....O.K. so we make mistakes.

But felt so free and able to move on and stumble once in a while...pick up the pieces and start again.

Who doesn't?

But we are still that perfection of creation even if we do get ourselves into a mess once in a while.
Would God cast you into hell because you got into a mess? Of course not.
It is from the mistakes we learn and grow but pity the pour soul lacking so much freedom in this earthly existence, being so uninhibited, being so fearful of making the slightest, let alone the gravest of mistakes.
With freedom comes the ability to fall down sometimes and to pick ourselves up too and grow! Without freedom, how will we ever grow?
So as we all want to grow so that we can raise our level of consciousness which is what growth is all about, let us ask that question of ourselves yet again: Yes, just how free are you?
How free do you want to be?
The freer you are the more you can grow... and don't we all just want to grow... and grow... and grow?

So dear and special friend... I wish you so much freedom... I wish you so much love... I wish you abundance in all areas of your life..

We should live life like Milly ....MILLY choses to be free and i bbelive shes happy....

I love