Saturday, March 2, 2013


 OPULENCE ...... 

My wedding will be immortalized in photos for a lifetime, that I should look beautiful. Very beautiful. :-)

I have to admit, I don't really look good with colors on. I look trash with makeups and lipsticks. But since I will be the most photographed person on my wedding day, I have no choice but to look for the best make up artist in the city.

The list of make up artist in Cebu is overwhelming but seeking for the perfect one was easy for me. I fell in love with Jessie Glova's make -up artistry so suddenly. He can potentially do a natural look which can totally reveal your glamorous side.
I like his "less is more" make up philosophy. So simple yet so elegant to look at.


(see this photo from his portfolio)

I finally came to visit him and caught him in the middle of a makeup session. Wow, the value that Jessie places on personal beauty is very amazing. His beauty process is not about his fame(sshh he is well known in Cebu), imposing strong opinions and strict rules. But It is always about the woman sitting in front of him.

I like that observation on him. The lady he was putting colors on can freely say what she wants to do with her hair, her lashes etc.. The fact that he hears from us, his clients is so noble of him. Admirable.

He was whole-fully nice, friendly and very approachable on our first meeting and I can't wait to to have him on my wedding.

He showed me more of his portfolio and I am completely blown away of the fact that his touches met my criteria of being Light Responsive--meaning it looks so natural, so fabulous in photos. (see these photos from his portfolio)

Jessie Glova's talent is all about making you! simply and lustrously glow. It's more than make up artistry in its purest form. He is a “Light” in the industry of fashion and beauty in Cebu.

I am extremely proud to have him part of my dream team. Thank you, Jessie Glova.
You can visit his shop at Pacific Square, Mabolo. It's right before Castle Peak Hotel.


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