Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Many Faces of Jessie Glova

The humble beginnings of artists trace back to their step by step entry to a creative  world they wholeheartedly put their emotions and ideas into, and be able to maintain that consistency they carve for themselves, in whatever chosen field they walk into.
For Jessie Glova, one of Cebu's definitive face stylists, his exposure to fashion began when he won a design competition for a local department store back in the nineties , when an influx of next generation up and coming artists started to stir up the style mavens of this city. All of a sudden, everybody wants to be in fashion , including myself, after fashion forerunner Furne One won the first ever MEGA Magazine Young Designers Competition in Manila . That feat proved to reposition Cebu as the hunting ground for the next big thing in fashion.
 Soon after that wave, Jessie Glova went abroad to find better pastures and probably to hone his skills in the arts...  It was a sort of a hiatus away from what he truly loved ,and as soon as he landed back oh Philippine shores, Jessie's rise to fashion was unstoppable...
By teaming up with top photographers and models, a whole new world of color that spring boarded from his background in theater, presented surreal looks that caught the attention of many.. One model personified the Mona Lisa, and it took both intense make up and key styling to create the image.. Character portraits became his style , and it paved the way for clients to put Jessie Glova back on track.
His bold sense of style , coupled with a larger than life ideas , showed us how Jessie sees his world in the near future, with a team of hairdressers and stylists he claims a seat alongside make up masters in Cebu, to pursue a revolutionary outlook to what a good make up artist ought to be. Style and substance combined.

Now Jessie enjoys making peoples faces , as well as managing a salon he once dreamed of when he started... True to reality, Jessie plays the game like a business man that's just as creative as any artist that make color and make-up a way of life.

by dexter aslazas

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